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Missile fired from Houthi controlled Yemen strikes merchant vessel in Red Sea, Pentagon says

Hilarious Propaganda – Preparing for Iran

In a propaganda piece by CBS. Missile fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen strikes merchant vessel in Red Sea, Pentagon says, the anchor literally said “We head now overseas where tonight there’s a marked escalation of tensions along one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. It happened in the Red Sea after a container ship issued a distress call saying it was under attack by Iran backed Houthi militants in 4 boats.

You really can’t make this up. Iran-backed Houthi Militants?

Who says that? Who literally calls from a ship saying “we’re under attack by “IRAN-BACKED HOUTHI MILITANTS?”

US Navy helicopters from the aircraft carrier Eisenhower and USS Gravely responded, returning fire. They sunk 3 militants’ boats, killing their crew members. The US says it’s the 20 third illegal Red Sea attack by Houthi rebels since mid November.

The propaganda piece is found here:

The war drums are beating!



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