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Tragic Stabbings in Sydney Leave Six Dead, Community in Mourning

Video footage appears to show people fleeing from a knife-wielding Cauchi as he walked through the shopping centre, lunging at people.

In a horrifying incident that has left the Sydney community in shock, six people were tragically killed in a stabbing attack at a bustling shopping center in Bondi Junction. The assailant, identified by New South Wales Police as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi, was stopped when he was fatally shot by police officer Inspector Amy Scott. The […]

Challenging Bias: How Assal Rad Seeks to Reframe Western Media’s Coverage of Gaza

Rad discusses how Western complicity, including the support of Israel by Western countries despite international law violations, is mirrored in media coverage that often favors Israel.

Assal Rad, a scholar with a Ph.D. in Modern Middle Eastern history, has been actively challenging the way Western media reports on Israeli actions in Gaza. She argues that many news headlines tend to either downplay Israel’s role or present the situation in Gaza with excessive neutrality. For example, Rad revised a New York Times […]

The Media Reports on October 7th Surprised Attack by Hamas

Seeking answers about the authenticity of the October 7 and 911 surprise attacks? Visit our website to unravel the mysteries surrounding these events and find the truth.

Reports indicated that the Israeli defense forces had prior knowledge of Hamas’s intentions to execute an assault on Israeli territory more than a year before the catastrophic attack on October 7, which resulted in the death of hundreds, as per a recent publication by The New York Times. This revelation is part of a growing […]

Welcoming Ramadan: Embracing the Blessings of the Holy Month

Muslims Welcome Ramadan 2024

As the crescent moon heralds the arrival of Ramadan, a wave of tranquility and spiritual anticipation envelops the Muslim community worldwide. This sacred month offers an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation, self-discipline, and community bonding. Here, we explore the essence of Ramadan and how we can harness its blessings to enrich our lives and the […]

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher, is often cited as having a critical view of democracy, particularly the form that existed in Athens during his lifetime (469-399 BCE). His critique is not documented firsthand, as Socrates left no writings of his own; our understanding of his thoughts comes primarily from his students, like Plato. The reasons […]

Mapping Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Information Manipulation, and its Impact on Humanitarian Aid and Development

Learn about the crucial position of Muslim INGOs in the US and Europe as transnational actors in bridging divides between east and west, north and south.

PUBLISHED: 2024AUTHOR: Gerald T FitzGerald Starting in 2017, there was a notable increase in the frequency and intensity of information manipulation attacks on Muslim-led humanitarian and development aid international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs). These attacks originated with a select group of US-based anti-Muslim think tanks and were disseminated through their own websites, the sites of like-minded […]

Nikola Tesla: A Mind Beyond His Time

In the annals of history, few names shine as brightly in the realm of science and innovation as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Both were undoubtedly geniuses, contributing profoundly to our understanding of the physical universe and the application of scientific principles. However, when we delve into the nature of their intellect and the impact […]

Mark Zuckerberg Delves Into the Reasons Behind the Current Tech Layoffs Surge

Mark Zuckerberg Delves Into the Reasons Behind the Current Tech Layoffs Surge

Mark Zuckerberg has a perspective on the ongoing trend of tech layoffs: Companies are recognizing the advantages of operating with fewer resources, despite the initial challenges. In a recent conversation on the Morning Brew Daily podcast, the CEO of Meta discussed the continuing adjustments companies are making in response to the post-pandemic landscape, touching on […]

Who Has the Right to Self-Defence, the Occupier or the Occupied?

Who Has the Right to Self-Defence, the Occupier or the Occupied?

ARENA ONLINE / ALI KAZAK 10 NOV 2023 To say Israel has the right to defend itself is like saying a chronic abuser has the right to defend himself because his victim hit him. Israel is not an innocent party under attack and defending itself, as it is being portrayed by much of the international […]