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Hilarious Propaganda – Preparing for Iran

Missile fired from Houthi controlled Yemen strikes merchant vessel in Red Sea, Pentagon says

In a propaganda piece by CBS. Missile fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen strikes merchant vessel in Red Sea, Pentagon says, the anchor literally said “We head now overseas where tonight there’s a marked escalation of tensions along one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. It happened in the Red Sea after a container ship issued a […]

Secret Life of Muslims: Hijabs Q&A

Muslim American women discuss common misconceptions about the hijab. This is from a series of short films called The Secret Life of Muslims, created by filmmaker Joshua Seftel.

All The Best Jokes From The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

This year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner certainly struck a more somber note than in years past, but comedian Hasan Minhaj lightened the mood when he took the stage. No one was spared from The Daily Show correspondent’s barbs: both present journalists and the conspicuously absent president were hit by some of Minhaj’s jokes. Below are […]

John Oliver Is Concerned for His Future in America

Season 3 of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver ended in November, right after Donald Trump was elected president. As he signed off, Oliver cautioned viewers that “things will not be OK” if people do not “get actively involved to mitigate Trump’s damage,” and that “it is going to be too easy for things to […]

An ‘Alternative Facts’ Pizza With Zero Calories

An 'Alternative Facts' Pizza With Zero Calories

Kellyanne Conway made headlines Sunday when she told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that press secretary Sean Spicer was using “alternative facts” to demonstrate the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. The use of the term was widely ridiculed by the media, Twitter users and even Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, which felt the need to clarify the […]

Seth Meyers put the president-elect on blast for his attacks on John Lewis

The John Lewis and Donald Trump feud has been boiling over for the past few days. Left-leaning pundits argue that the president-elect’s claim that Lewis is “all talk” is a complete dismissal of the congressman’s history in fighting for civil rights, while those on the right say Trump’s statement had nothing to do with civil […]

Why Goats May Be Man’s New Best Friend

The connection is indisputable. When a man or woman locks eyes with his or her dog, something familiar happens: A glimpse of recognition. Studies indicate that dogs are about as receptive to human communication as six-month-old babies. But have you ever gazed into the slit-shaped horizontal pupils of a goat? No? Me neither! But if […]

Curious George embraces Ramadan

Curious George embraces Ramadan

Curious George, the children’s character, has travelled to many places, and celebrated several holidays in his lifetime – Hanukkah, Christmas, even Halloween and St Patrick’s Day. But this year he is breaking his fast, going to the mosque, and preparing for Eid celebrations. In It’s Ramadan Curious George, written by Hena Khan, the inquisitive monkey […]