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The news agency reported that Bagheri said the attack against Mousavi was part of the "Zionist regime's attempts to get out of a self-created quagmire in Gaza" and "divert the world's attention away from its crimes" in the region.

Iranian General Condemns Assassination of Sayyed Mousavi and Issues Warning to Perpetrators

Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, warned that the killing of Sayyed Razi Mousavi in Syria was a “strategic mistake” which will not remain unanswered.

Mousavi, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) adviser in Syria and reportedly the chief coordinator of the Iran-Syria military alliance, was killed in an airstrike outside the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday. His death was confirmed to Reuters by three security sources.

In a message on Tuesday reported by the Tasnim news agency, a semi-official outlet associated with the IRGC, Bagheri said that the attack was conducted by Israel “in brazen violation of Syria’s sovereignty,” adding that it “contravened international conventions, and laid bare the terrorist nature of Israel.”

According to a report by Tasnim news, Bagheri stated that the current advancements have pushed the threatening government to a point where resorting to terrorist and irrational tactics will not only fail to strengthen its unstable foundation but also worsen the blockade imposed by the resistance front.

The presence of Mousavi in Gaza has raised concerns about Iran’s involvement in the conflict. The Israeli government has accused Iran of providing support to Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza and is responsible for launching rockets into Israel.

Iran has denied these accusations but has expressed solidarity with Palestine and condemned Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The situation remains tense, with both sides exchanging fire and casualties mounting on both sides.

Source: Newsweek
Credits: Giulia Carbonaro / US News Reporter



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