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Whiter Shade of Terror

Whiter Shade of Terror

The white supremacist movement is getting increasingly violent and anti-Muslim rhetoric is spreading fast across the world.

The most recent case in point- Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant drew inspiration from white extremist attacks against Muslims in Norway, the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

What are the reasons for this exaggerated fear, and at times hatred and hostility toward Islam and Muslims in white-majority countries? Research Institute New America Foundation says two in five Americans say Islam ‘is incompatible with US values’.

CNA goes on a journey from Australia, Europe and America to investigate the specific methods these white supremacist groups rely on to appeal to their followers to subscribe to their chilling worldview.

Along the way, we embed with white Christian militias in America that perpetuate the fear of Muslims, and lax gun laws aiding such attacks. Can Muslims in the West reclaim their personal freedoms against rising mistrust?




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