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FDA Official Suggests Possible ‘Intentional’ Lead in Applesauce Pouches to Politico

FDA Official Suggests Possible 'Intentional' Lead in Applesauce Pouches to Politico

CNN – Lead contamination in cinnamon applesauce pouches that sickened dozens of young children may have been an “intentional act,” a US Food and Drug Administration official told Politico. In an interview published on Thursday, Jim Jones, FDA’s deputy commissioner for human foods, said the agency is still investigating the lead-tainted cinnamon applesauce pouches, “but so far all […]

Introduction to Islamic Herbalism

By Dr. John Andrew Morrow While most educated readers are familiar with Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah (d. 632 CE) as a prophet and statesman, few are aware that he was also a master herbalist and the founding father of prophetic medicine. Known in Arabic as tibb nabawi or tibb al-nabi, prophetic medicine became the basis […]

Mixed messages, test delays hamper U.S. coronavirus response

Mixed messages, test delays hamper U.S. coronavirus response

Barely more than a handful of public health departments across the country are able to test for the novel virus, which began in China and has spread to at least 44 countries. The federal government has less than 10% of the protective masks required to protect healthcare workers and the public. And Washington still does not […]

HUDA Clinic: Muslim clinic offers free health care to the under-served

HUDA, A Free Health Clinic In Metro Detroit

DETROIT— HUDA Clinic is a health care unit established in 2004 by Muslim physicians to help uninsured citizens where the only requirement for treatment is being uninsured or under insured. HUDA, which stands for Health Unit on Davison Avenue, has now sub-clinics that cater to different health departments like primary care mental health, dental care, […]

Muslim doctors open completely free clinic to serve the poor in Toledo, Ohio area

HOLLAND, OH — A group of Muslim doctors in Holland, Ohio (near Toledo) has opened a new clinic providing free medical services to people of all faiths, the Toledo Blade reported last week. The clinic was founded to serve the local community, providing services for everyone including the 25,000-plus people in Lucas County, Ohio who currently do not have […]

Panama mosque offers free water to World Youth Day pilgrims

Panama mosque offers free water to World Youth Day pilgrims

PANAMA CITY — Thousands of World Youth Day pilgrims stopped by the Jama Mosque Jan. 24 en route to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis. “Brothers, sisters, you need water,” Hashim Bhana yelled at them from under a tent that announced a “hydration center” outside the mosque, a place where pilgrims could pick up free water, […]

Colbert Links Big Pharma’s Sackler Family To America’s Opioid Crisis

Stephen Colbert tackled the opioid crisis and took aim at Big Pharma in a sobering Late Show segment Friday. “There are certain subjects that are genuinely hard to talk about like, the opioid crisis. It’s an epidemic that affects both political parties, Republican, Democrat, rich people, poor people, it does not discriminate,” Colbert said. “And a lot of people […]

Muslims For Life Blood Drive Honors Lives Lost on 9/11

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — From Monday to Tuesday many will be giving blood in honor of those who lost their lives in the terror attack on Sept. 11, 2001. It’s all a part of the Muslims for Life 8th Annual Blood Drive at the University of Arkansas. Click here to read full story »