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‘Contemporary Muslim Fashions’ Review: Eye-Catching Modesty

Raşit Bağzıbağlı for Modanisa ‘Desert Dream’ ensemble (spring/summer 2018) RAŞIT BAĞZIBAĞLI AND MODANISA/FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO

An exhibition at the De Young Museum offers a snapshot of the how women dress in today’s Islamic cultures, from the austere to the brightly colored, the athletic to the couture. San Francisco ‘She wore the burkha,” Paul Scott writes of a Muslim woman in “The Day of the Scorpion,” the second novel in his masterpiece […]

How the ‘diversity industry’ silences people of colour

How the 'diversity industry' silences people of colour

This week Amena Khan became the latest woman of colour to be silenced in public. Just days after it was announced that Khan – a hijab-wearing Muslim beauty blogger – was to join French cosmetics company L’Oreal’s “diversity-celebrating” haircare campaign, she was forced to pull out. Her decision followed a right-wing witch-hunt against her over […]

Amena Khan quits L’Oreal campaign after Israel backlash

Amena Khan quits L'Oreal campaign after Israel backlash

Just days into her role, a British Muslim model has quit a major beauty brand’s campaign after right-wing media outlets published her tweets from 2014, in which she criticised Israel’s war in Gaza. Amena Khan, who runs the Pearl Daisy fashion blog, became L’Oreal’s only hijab-wearing model to front its haircare campaign, less than a […]

The rise and rise of ‘halal’ business

The rise and rise of 'halal' business

When Kerim Ture placed his first order for a batch of long-sleeved tunics that could be worn by Muslim women, the manufacturers producing them demanded payment upfront, apparently convinced the venture would fail and Ture would be left unable to pay them. The Turkish entrepreneur quickly proved that their scepticism was unfounded, and he was […]

First hijab-wearing Barbie based on Ibtihaj Muhammad

First hijab-wearing Barbie based on Ibtihaj Muhammad

Barbie will release its first hijab-wearing character in 2018, a doll based on the Olympian fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. The 31-year-old sportswoman rose to fame at the 2016 Summer Olympics, after becoming the first female Muslim-American to earn a medal at the games, and the first American woman to don the headscarf at the competition. 

Op-Ed Forget traditional chadors, abayas or burqas. Islamic style is showing up on catwalks, in mainstream stores and on non-Muslim women

For a decade I’ve studied how Muslim women dress. Ripped jeans tucked into combat boots, structured jackets accessorized with designer sunglasses, flowy pastel chiffons embellished with crystal-encrusted brooches and tailored batik dresses paired with hand-dyed head coverings. These are just a few examples of what I call pious fashion: clothing that aims to be modest […]

The Burqa or the Bikini?

The Burqa or the Bikini?

By Hanan al-Harbi As the weather warms up, many Muslim women head to the beach to cool off. While the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, expected his followers to be able to swim, many Muslim women are confronted with the question of swimwear. If one travels the shorelines of the Islamic world, […]

A Timeline And History Of Hijab Styles

A Timeline And History Of Hijab Styles

Nike, the well-known U.S. sportswear company, recently introduced a sports hijab. The reaction to this has been mixed: There are those who are applauding Nike for its inclusiveness of Muslim women who want to cover their hair, and there are those who accuse it of abetting women’s subjugation.

India announces 4.5-billion-dollar credit line for Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh signed 22 bilateral agreements aimed at boosting economic and political ties on Saturday, among them a 4.5 billion-dollar credit line to Dhaka for infrastructure projects. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina in New Delhi over a wide range of subjects including defence, energy,…