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The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women

Women's March protests: Thousands rally against Trump

Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker make a comment about your appearance that just didn’t sit right? You’re not alone. With the #MeToo movement, it’s easy to log onto Twitter or Facebook and see just how many women are victims of sexual […]

Thousands of Women March for Equal Rights, in US, Around World

Thousands of Women March for Equal Rights, in US, Around World

Thousands of women gathered in cities across the United States and around the world on the anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump to call for equal rights in pay and health care, to denounce sexual harassment and to encourage women to run for office. Marchers also addressed such issues as racial equality, gun […]

A Young Woman and Her Hijab: Symbols of Iran’s Unrest

A Young Woman and Her Hijab: Symbols of Iran's Unrest

As protests continue across Iran for the seventh day, one woman is being hailed as a “hero” after a video of her removing her hijab in an apparent protest was posted on a social media site. The footage shows the woman standing on a box, waving the hijab at the end of a stick like […]

Will outlawing ‘instant divorce’ advance justice for Muslim women in India?

Will outlawing ‘instant divorce’ advance justice for Muslim women in India?

The Supreme Court of India recently struck down a specific divorce practice among its minority Muslims. The age-old practice known as “triple talaq” allowed a Muslim man to dissolve his marriage by uttering the term divorce three times, all at once. As a scholar who has conducted research among Muslim communities in India, I have seen firsthand how […]

Muslim Women and Islamic Law: Myths and Realities

Headline news often fills us with fearful images of Islam—pictures of heavily veiled women subject to radical implementations of “Islamic law” ranging from amputations to executions. This session looks to the Qur’an, history, and contemporary realities to provide a broader understanding of women’s roles in Islam and under Islamic family law. We discuss the symbolism […]

Berlin’s Liberal Mosque Vows to Defy Fatwa

U.S. Puts $5 Million Bounty On Pakistani Taliban Leader

The woman who opened a mosque in Berlin where men and women pray together and face-covering headscarves are banned has vowed to defy a fatwa from Egypt’s highest Islamic authority and criticism from the Turkish government. German-Turkish women’s rights activist Seyran Ates, 54, pioneered the opening of the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque in the Moabit neighborhood […]

Supreme Court Hearing in India to Decide Validity of Muslim Divorce Practice

Supreme Court Hearing in India to Decide Validity of Muslim Divorce Practice

Muslim women’s rights groups in India are hoping a supreme court hearing to decide the legality of Islamic family laws that allow Muslim men to divorce their wives by saying the word “taliq,” or divorce, three times will correct what they call a “long pending injustice” to Muslim women. A charged debate has taken place […]

Female Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Marital Rape

Ted Nugent Says the Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'

The world’s largest gathering of female Muslim clerics in Indonesia issued a fatwa Thursday that declare marital rape haram — or forbidden —under Islamic law and urged the government to make it illegal. The Indonesian Women’s Ulama Congress (KUPI2017) issued three fatwas — Islamic legal pronouncements that are typically issued by Muslim clerics . The […]

TED Talks: What Islam Really Says About Women – Alaa Murabit

If you want more information regarding the Bible or Jesus or Prophet Muhammad (Some people spelled Mohammad or Muhammed) then you may be get some information regarding that. We are trying to present truth information of Islam and Islamic beliefor faith. We think Muslim concept of God or Allah is the most rational. In our […]

Young Afghan Photographer’s Work Highlights Plight of Children, Women

Young Afghan Photographers Work Highlights Plight of Children and Women

At 21, Shagofa Alikozay is a bright woman who isn’t far removed from childhood in Afghanistan, which she illustrates with her photos, sketches and poetry. Her goal is to bring to light the challenges, problems and miseries of living in one of the world’s poorest countries, a place riven by war and religious extremism, where […]